GVA Summer Camp in China

2016年5月7日到5月21日, 美国科罗拉多州地球村国际学校的学生和家长访问了广东实验中学顺德学校,地球村国际学校的学生入住到顺德学校的学生宿舍,深入到学校的课堂,和当地学生一起学习,用餐,参加各种学校活动,对中国的学校和课堂有了深入直接的体验,交到了很多中国朋友,实地锻炼了他们的汉语技能,更开阔了地球村学生学习汉语的视野,提高了他们学习汉语的热情。结束了一周的学校学习之后,地球村的学生还游览了中国的广州,西安的兵马俑和北京的故宫和长城,品尝了很多地道的中国美食。

In May 7th to 21st, 2016, some students and parents from Global Village Academy International school in Colorado US visited Guangdong Experimental High School Shunde School. The students from GVA lived in the school dorms and went into the classrooms in Shunde school to study with the local students, they ate and attended the school activities together. GVA students had a direct and deep experience of Chinese school and class, they made many Chinese friends, practiced their Chinese language skills. The vision of learning Chinese is enlarged, and the passion of learning Chinese is more motivated for GVA students. After one week of study in Sunde school, GVA parents and students traveled three cities, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Beijing of China. They visited Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, Great Wall, and Forbidden City in Beijing, along with the traveling, GVA students had the great taste of many delicious Chinese food.